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5 Steps of App Development

  • Idea creation The goal: Specify your idea and minimum viable product - MVP.
  • Sketching The goal: Make the main idea of the app/website clear to everyone involved.
  • Wireframing The goal: Create a clear visualization of how the app will look.
  • Graphic designing The goal: Make the user experience friendly.
  • Coding and programming: The goal: Launch the project as fast as possible without any mistakes.

Our Process



When you schedule an appointment with a lawyer to get information on your legal rights, this is an example of consultation. When you and your co-workers formally meet to discuss a problem, this is an example of consultation. The act of consulting. A conference for the exchange of information and advice..



Wireframes are the skeleton of the ios app, they show the content structure and flow. There are different levels of wireframes, from quick sketches to low and high-fidelity..


Final Design

Final Design means design activities following Preliminary Engineering, and at a minimum, includes the preparation of final construction plans, detailed specifications, and estimates sufficiently detailed to inform project stakeholders.

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